Manyatta 360

Manyatta 360 is our turn key process to any Real  Estate project.   We use state of the art Project Management tools to  make sure we help you:

  • Locate appropriate piece of land for your residential  property.
  • Advise on Financing options  – not necessary Mortgage Finance from a main stream Financial institution.We understand that most of our customers have very unique financial needs –  we make our best effort to  tailor the financing to  match.
  • Unique Project Management style  –  we allow you to  still be part and parcel  of the project  ( We believe this is your home  – you should have a very intimate connection with all its parts ) without charging you a hefty fee for it.  We allow you to supervise the workmanship  all along.    This,  without relinquishing our responsibility for high quality standards.  We don’t subscribe to the old model where  the Project Manager thinks he knows what is best for you and your loved ones.
  • Materials Consulting:  This is where we save you costs BUT also bring freshness to  your Project.  Why recycle the same old ideas and materails that are all over town.  We We assist in sourcing of Raw Materials.  Wherever possible in bulk.